The Death Knight Chronicles

Troll War

Sent against the matron of the Bleth family, Anefsina Bleth on papers found in the lair of the necromancer, Borrit Crowfinger, the Skull-Scalps begin making the two-day journey from Norsig to Anefsina Bleth‘s lands on the Blood Moor. Stopping at a cross roads halfway, Tarag tells the band that the crossroads are haunted by Elven ghosts. No sooner has Tarag spun his tale than a white-cloaked figure appears, greeting Lucan by name and bearing the very shackles with which the Troll King had used to imprison the Dwarf. The figure is none-other than Lucan’s former cell-mate, the Eladrin Rualiss. Rauliss reveals that the town of Moonstair – a days ride down the road – fancies themselves Elf-descendants, their banditry on the crossroads giving rise to stories of the Elven ghosts.

After a brief talk, Rauliss requests the Skull-Scalps help. It seems that the Troll King’s forces are on the march. While blocked in the Dun by the armies of the Seelie Court, the Troll King has opted to move troops across the surface, attacking Moonstair. With Khepri, Lucan and Percius hoping to earn the favour of the Seelie Shee and return to the Dun (and avoid having suffered the sun as the Elf race did), the Skull-Scalps send Tarag to face Bleth alone and rush to Moonstair, encountering the forces of the Troll King along the way.

The Singing Necromancer

The five surviving members of the Skull-Scalps – Kephri, Percius, Rune, Lucan and the Captain; Tarag – return to the city of Norsig to seek re-employment with their former patron, Doge Syn Londo. Having had good dealings with the Skull-Scalps in the past, but wary after the massive losses they suffered in the Sinubian Campaign, Syn Londo decides to give the mercenaries a chance. A Karvannian Minstrel – Borrit Crowfinger, patroned by the Bleth family, had recently begun composing satirical songs about the Doge. Londo sent an assassin to silence Crowfinger. That was three days prior; and the assassin has not been seen since – the Minstrel, however, has.

Guarding the Doge while he slept (along with humiliating Londo’s older brother – Smelly Sneed, the Skull-Scalps encountered a pack of Wyrapir. Ending the battle abruptly, the pack’s leader – Nexull (an old friend of Tarag from before the Day of Harvest) – claimed to have been sent by Borrit Crowfinger whoose cult has bound the pack by their true names; forcing the monsters to do thier bidding. Tracking the cult to their lair in the catacombs built beneath the tower of Platel, the Skull-Scalps find themselves beset by Dragon-worshippers. However, while the revealed Necromancer – Borrit Crowfinger – escaped, the Skull-Scalps uncovered documents linking the cult to the Bleth family.

While Syn Londo was less than happy with the escape of the Necromancer, their efforts earned the Skull-Scalps a contract and residence in Norsig’s Blue Cat tavern.


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