Death Knight Paragon Path

Death Knight Paragon Path

“Look! Look! I stand before you wielding a pale blade. Death has knighted me and I have pledged my soul to conquest!”

Prerequisites: None.

You are dead but yet to suffer a death. You have taken the Pale Oath, severing your soul from your flesh and replacing it with Necrotic energy. Dubbed a Death Knight, you have become the grim embodiment of the Reaper himself.

Death Knight Path Features

Necrotic Becoming (11th Level) – Becoming a Death Knight irreversibly alters the subject. On becoming a Death Knight the character gains the following properties:
  • Creature Type: Undead.
  • Senses: Dark Vision.
  • Defenses: +2 AC, +4 Fortitude, +2 Will.
  • Immune: Disease, poison.
  • Resist: 10 Necrotic at 11th Level. This is increased to Resist 15 Necrotic at 21st Level.

Soul Weapon (11th Level) – The Death Knight’s soul does not reside in its body. Instead it is bound into their weapon of choice. This is the Death Knight’s Soul Weapon. When attacking with its Soul Weapon, the Death Knight deals an additional 5 Necrotic Damage.

Marshal Undead (16th Level) – Death Knight’s are natural commanders of the Undead. At 16th Level a Death Knight gains Aura 10; equal or lower-level undead allies (including other Death Knights) in the aura gain a +2 Bonus to their Attack rolls.

Death Knight Necrantations

Burning Soul Cackling flames light up your Soul Weapon as you unleash its fury in all directions.

  • Death Knight Attack 11
  • Encounter * Fire, Necrotic, Weapon
  • Standard Action
  • Close Burst 1
  • Target: Each enemy in burst you can see.
  • Attack: Choose one- Strength, Constitution, or Dexterity vs. AC, one attack per target.
  • Hit: 2[W]+Constitution modifier damage. Target is knocked prone.
  • Miss: Half damage and the target is not knocked prone.

Reclaim the Soul Your first stretch as a Death Knight was perilous indeed. All your existence rested on the weapon which served as a vessel for your soul. Since then, you have discovered a Necrantation to Reclaim the Soul, allowing you to retrieve and repair the vessel and even replace it.

  • Death Knight Utility 12
  • Daily * Necrotic, Weapon
  • Minor Action
  • Personal
  • Effect: Should the Soul Weapon be damaged, lost or destroyed, the Death Knight may instantly recall their weapon to their hand in full repair. If a new weapon takes their fancy, the Death Knight recall their soul from the former vessel and directly channel it into a new weapon (hence becoming the Death Knight’s new Soul Weapon).

Unholy Flames Green screaming flames leap from your fingertips to engulf your foes and strengthen your friends.

  • Death Knight Attack 20
  • Daily * Fire, Necrotic
  • Standard Action
  • Close Blast 2
  • Target: All creatures in burst.
  • Attack: Choose one- Strength+2, Constitution+2, or Dexterity+2 vs. Reflex.
  • Effect: 6d8+Strength, Constitution or Dexterity modifier Necrotic and Fire damage. Undead creatures (including other Death Knights) within the burst deal an additional 2d6 fire damage with melee attacks until the end of the Death Knight’s next turn.

Death Knight Paragon Path

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