national language

National Langauge takes the place of “Common” in the Death Knight Chronicles. It represents the common features of the veritable regionality of language within any given culture. Elven, Dwarvern, Draconic and the like are still avalible for characters, representing a variety of occult and non-human tongues.

National Langauges for Vesper are: Golgothian, Boney, Teur, Karvic, and Totish.

For South of Mark, they are: Nodite, Khemetan, Deseretii, Sinubian, Banilhi and Urukan (replaces Orcish or Giant for Orcs and Half Orcs in this setting).

In the continent-spanning empire of Godai Xing, She Tou has evolved from administrative to national langauge.

national language

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