true names

Magical Concept; a True Name conveys a pure expression and denotation of the object it refers to. True Names are rarely of use to normal folks, but workers of the Arcane can do real horrors with then; able to twist and bend the target of their spells through twisting and bending the true name. A True Name is rarely the name given at birth; rather its deep, secret and arcane – the name the world gives something when it is conceived. True Names are often thought of as ironic things for the more powerful one is, the more powerful their True Name and thus the more power their enemies may wield by knowing it.


Name Bonus Knowing a targets True Name confers many benefits to their foes. The most common and wide-spread is a bonus on attack rolls against the target. This is based on level as follows:

  • 1-5: +2;
  • 6-10: +4;
  • 11-15: +5;
  • 16-20: +6;
  • 21-25: +8;
  • 26-30: +10;
  • 31+: +15

    The Hand of Fate or similiar Rituals cannot discern a True Name.

Naming Ritual
  • Level: 1;
  • Category: Divination;
  • Time: 1 Hour + Half Level of Target;
  • Duration: Instant;
  • Component Cost: Special;
  • Market Price: 100 gp;
  • Key Skill: Arcana

The Ritual of Naming targets a specific individual and, if successful, uncover their True Name. The ritual is, however, complicated as it doesn’t use conventional materials in its working. Rather; Naming requires some physical component of the target – fingernail, hair, toe, eye, and so forth. The DC for the Naming Ritual is the level of the target. However, the caster receives a bonus based on how substantial the component is.

  • Bodily Shedding (Saliva, urine, hair, finger nail, etc): +0;
  • Bodily matter (blood, skin, tooth, etc): +2;
  • Small body part (toe, finger, ear, nose, eye, etc): +4;
  • Large body part (arm, limb, head, etc): +8;
  • Entire body or close to: +10

true names

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