Welcome to the world of Kthon, the world of the Death Knight Chronicles.

The Song of Beasts

Characters for The Death Knight Chronicles: The Song of Beasts begin at 11th level, being veterans and survivors of the Necrantations and members of the Skull-Scalp Free Company.

Players may choose any standard D&D classes, Paragon Paths (with the addition of the Death Knight Paragon Path) and options with the following modifications:
  • Characters from Vesper may not choose classes with a Divine power source.
  • Warlocks from Vesper may chooose the ‘Pact of the Angelic Choirs’ from _the Venture 4th line _for Warlocks is permitted to represent the Theists.
  • The ‘Death’ Powersource classes- Assassin, Deathwarden, and Necromancer Spiritsworn -form Goodman Games’ Forgotten Heroes: Scythe and Shroud are permitted.

Common races are limited (though I’m happy to add/expand for/with character story…) to Human,Deva, Half Elf,Revenant, Shadar-Kai, Wyrapir Shifters. Exotic races consist of Uruk (Orc and Half Orc), Linotaur (part of the Venture 4th line), Ankor Deva, Lion Shifters, Warforged, Dwarf, Goliaths, Wilden and Genasi.

There is no common langauge. Instead, characters take their national language in place of common. Other standard D&D langauges are employed in addition to national languages, but these represent fabled, mythic and arcane tongues.

Lastly, there are additional rules associated with true names.

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The Death Knight Chronicles