Called Goliaths by the Seelie and Unseelie the Haya are rumored to be the children of the cannibal-god Den. They are known for their strength, ferocity, and ravenous appetites. Strong and not morally encumbered with an inconvenient sense of honor, the Haya are difficult to deal with under the best of circumstances. Still, other Inunhi go to great lengths to deal with the Haya, as do Dwarf and Duergar for the Haya are great craftsment when it comes to weapons of rock and stone.

In some ways, the Haya are the most open of the Inunhi, tolerating no grudges save those they take on themselves. Indeed, those that do befriend a Haya will usually find them to be extraordinarily loyal and steadfast companions. Still, nothing save death will keep them from exacting revenge upon the one who offended them.


Creature Type: Haya or Golaiths in Kthon are Fey creatures.

Languages: Haya or Goliaths replace Giant with Elven.


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